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Super Novice - Buildy

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Guest Lordikin

Můj build na SN:


STR: 1

AGI: 9

VIT: 1

INT: 99

DEX: 99

LUK: 1



Fire Bolt: 10 (na zabijeni)

Fire Ball: 5 (na Fire Wall)

Fire Wall: 10 (na zabijeni)

Sight: 1 (na Fire Wall)

Cold Bolt: 5 (bylo by lepsi na 10 na zabijeni)

Frost Diver: 10 (na mrazeni)

Lightning Bolt: 4 (na Thunde Storm, mohlo by byt i vetsi)

Thunder Storm: 10 (na hromadny expeni - treba na anolianech)

Increase Spiritual Power: 10 (na sp)

Heal: 3

Ruwach: 1

Teleport: 1 (usetri se wingy)

Owl's Eye: 10 (dex)

Vulniture's Eye: 1

Attention Concentration: 10 (dex)

Enlarge Limit: 1

Steal: 5 (looteni, hide)

Hide: 1



Top: Ramen hat

Middle: Binoculars

Lower: Ninja scroll

Weapon: Hypnotist Staff[2] s 2x drops c.

Armor: Angelic Protection[1] s roda frog c.

Shield: Novice Shield[1] s thara c.

Garment: Novice Manteau[1] s Raydric c.

Boots: Novice Shoes[1] s Gold Acidus c.

Accessory: 2x Clip[1] se Zerom c.


Pocitam s tim, ze boosty dostanu, mam celkem 150 dex a pomerne slusny Matk. Sp staci bohate na srovnani vlaku Anolianu. Pri expeni jsem tez pouzival Storm Gust level 10 scrolly, cim se daji vyresit i nektere boss monstra (treba Eddga - udelal jsem s tim pulku Ghuntu...

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